I am editor of the forthcoming anthology SCRATCH: Writers, Money, and the Art of Making a Living, which will be published in late 2016 by Simon & Schuster. The book is a collection of essays and interviews featuring prominent authors on the topic of money and work. To receive emails about the book and monthly reading recommendations on the topic, sign up for my newsletter:

From 2013-2015, I edited and published an online magazine of ideas and information about writing and money, also called Scratch. It published its last issue in July 2015. The magazine is no longer available online, but PDF versions of all past issues are available for $5 each ($10 for the “Hollywood” double issue). The table of contents for each issue is listed below.

To order back issues, please email me at [manjulamartin at gmail dot com] and let me know which issues you want; I’ll follow up with payment and delivery instructions.

If you were a Scratch subscriber and have questions about the magazine going offline, please email me at [manjulamartin at gmail dot com]. Thanks!

Q1 2014 – Hunger 

Q1 2014 cover sm

The Scratch Interview with Susan Orlean, by Manjula Martin
Hunger, by Rachael Maddux
Roundtable: Literary Agents
The Fiscal Lives of the Poets, by Jane Friedman
The Last Black Bookstore: A Photo Essay, by Lydia Daniller (photos) and Manjula Martin (text)
Jane Friedman Interviews (the Other) Jane Friedman
Freelancer’s Journal: Ghost Stories, by Sari Botton
Lady Burden Takes a Caller, by Ashley C. Ford
Beyond Dickens: Trends and Tech in Serial Fiction, by Jane Friedman
Contracts 101: The Reversion of Rights Clause, by Jane Friedman
Some Hustles, in Alphabetical Order, by Manjula Martin
The Transparency Index —The money and people that go into making Scratch

Q2 2014 – “Faith”
Q2 2015 cover sm
The Scratch Interview with Cheryl Strayed, by 
Manjula Martin
Photo Essay: Library Road Trip, by 
Robert Dawson
Roundtable: Creative Writing Professors Elizabeth McCracken, Yiyun Li, Robert Hass, Cathy Day, and W. Dinty Moore
Freelancer’s Journal: The Content Farmer, by Andi Cumbo-Floyd
Intellectual Work in the Culture of Austerity, by 
Ellen Willis
Deconstructing the Book P&L, by 
Jane Friedman
The Panda Ambulance, by 
Beth Lisick
From High Times to Publishing Futurist: An Interview with Bo Sacks , by
Jane Friedman
Experience Required, by 
Johanna Gohmann
Contracts 101: Subsidiary Rights, by 
Jane Friedman
The Transparency Index

Q3 2014 – “Security”

Q3 2014 cover sm

The Scratch Interview with Yiyun Li, by Manjula Martin
Baby Gotta Eat, by Kima Jones
Baby Gotta Budget, by Kima Jones
The Scratch Roundtable: Marketing and PR reps
What Took Me So Long, an illustrated essay by Carolita Johnson
Selling Myself: A Book Tour Diary, by Melissa Gira Grant
Interactive Graphic: Diversity in Journalism, by Vijith Assar & Manjula Martin
Real Writers’ Houses, a photo essay by Scratch readers
The Secret Lives of Romance Writers, by Jane Friedman
Homemaking, by Laura Turner
Contracts 101: The Non-compete Clause and the Options Clause, by Jane Friedman
The Transparency Index

Q4 2014 – “Self-Help”
Q4 2014 cover sm
The Scratch Interview with Austin Kleon, by Manjula Martin
Roundtable: Publishing While Black with Christopher Jackson, Kiese Laymon, Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, and Harmony Holiday
Confessions of a Bestselling Author, an illustrated esssay by Andrew Shaffer
How Writers (Actually) Get Paid, by Nicole Dieker
He Comes from the Future: An Interview with Richard Nash, by Jane Friedman
Freelancer’s Journal: The Revisionist, by Will Butler
The Power and Intimacy of … Email? by Jane Friedman
It’s Not Personal: How to Create a Collaboration Agreement, by Helen Sedwick
Contracts 101: The Fine Print, by Jane Friedman
The Transparency Index

Q1-Q2 2015 (double issue) – “Hollywood”
Q1 Q2 2015 cover sm

The Scratch Interview with Nick Hornby, by Manjula Martin
Adaptation: How a Book Becomes a Film, by Jane Friedman
Betting On If, by Laura Goode
The Golden Age of Anita Loos, by Carrie Frye
Dorothy Parker’s Money Problem, by Michelle Dean
Against Fame, by Manjula Martin
Getting To Transparent, by Ali Liebegott
Critical Sass: An Interview with Tara Ariano and Sarah Bunting, by Jane Hu
You Can’t Make a Living, by Alena Smith
Where’s Our WGA? The Union Situation for Freelancers, by Sarah Jaffe
Freelancer’s Journal: The Digital Media Duo, by Jessica King
So, You’ve Written a Screenplay. Now What? by Jane Friedman
The Transparency Index

Q3 2015 – “The Practice”
Q3 2015 cover small

The Scratch Interview with Richard Rodriguez, by Caille Millner
The Scratch Interview with Roxane Gay, by Manjula Martin
The Practice, by Kyle Chayka
A Fair Use Fable, by Harmony Holiday
Beyond Pitching, by Nicole Dieker
Freelancer’s Journal: The Cost of Digging Deep, by Ruxandra Guidi
Dear Little Me, by Debbie Ridpath Ohi
The Transparency Index

Q4 2015 – “The End”
Q4 2015 cover sm

Onward! by Manjula Martin
Five Years in the Wilderness, by Cari Luna
Miss Misery, by Rachael Maddux
Bankrupt, by Jessica Pishko
Shut Down, by Laura Hazard Owen
Quitter, by Matthew Simmons
The Transparency Index




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