A Change Is Gonna Come — Aeon Magazine
The smell of teargas drifted across the avenues. Sam Cooke sang. And for the first time in my life I felt it, there, in a moment of private, personal pain and public, political upheaval: something bigger.

The Best Work in Literature — Virginia Quarterly Review online
Why are writers so eager to leave our jobs behind?

Under the Boardwalk  — Longform.org, Maura Magazine
Santa Cruz is a small city of about 60,000 people that maintains a unique identity due in part to its physical location. It’s not really a suburb of anything.

Flare-Ups — Pacific Standard
Are my emotions making me sick? 

Three Guns — Hazlitt Magazine
1.) In a small, unfurnished apartment in a depressed suburban town in Oregon, I sat on Lupe’s boyfriend’s gun.

The Albums of Our Lives: Time (The Revelator) — The Rumpus
My first revelation was in a car, a rusted but strong 1985 Toyota Camry I bought from a friend’s older brother for 500 bucks.

Reading Isn’t a Sprint, It’s a Marathon — Oyster Review
The day I decided to read every E.M. Forster novel back-to-back, I had just finished watching five seasons of The Vampire Diaries in a row.

The Dough — The Toast
A short-lived but beloved series I wrote for the short-lived but beloved website The Toast, about women, creative work, and money.

The Extra Woman — The Awl
“They told her she was too fat,” Daniller said. “Well, guess what? Her first big film, and she got the Oscar for it! Imagine. Years of being told you are not suitable for thscreen—you’re too fat, too short, you walk like a duck—and you get the Oscar.”

John Vanderslice: Flaws and All — The Magazine
San Francisco’s indie rock scene is alive and well—and going analog

Annotation Tuesday! Susan Orlean and The American Man, Age — Nieman Storyboard
Revisiting Orlean’s classic 1992 profile of an average boy, with annotations from the author herself

Dear Modern Farmer…
I used to co-write an organic gardening advice column with my dad for Modern Farmer.
It’s like Click and Clack, but for gardening…